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Elite Glass Waterpipe

Elegant Hookah

Discover the Elite Waterpipe – the pinnacle of smoking innovation and design. Perfect for both connoisseurs and casual smokers, this state-of-the-art waterpipe offers unmatched functionality and a stunning aesthetic that enhances any setting.

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Buy Herb Grinders
Unparalleled Grinding Performance

Our Extra-Large Metal Herb Grinders are equipped with precision CNC aluminum teeth, ensuring efficient and effortless grinding, even with fresh and moist herbs. Experience consistent results every time you grind.

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Enhanced Efficiency

With a 500-micron screen filter, our grinders help you achieve the perfect consistency for your herbs. Enjoy smoother hits and better flavor extraction without wasting any material.

Buy Herb Grinders
Durability and Style

Crafted with a heavy domed top and elegant gun metal finish, our grinders are designed to withstand regular use while adding a touch of sophistication to your collection.

Buy Herb Grinders
Ultimate Convenience

The strong neodymium lids keep your herbs securely stored, while the included small spatula makes collecting ground herbs a breeze. Say goodbye to messy and wasteful grinding processes.

Buy Herb Grinders
Preserve Freshness

Our Airtight, Smell-Proof Stash Jars with Silicone Seal are your solution to keeping your herbs as fresh as the day you got them. Prevent moisture and oxygen from affecting your stash and enjoy the full flavor and potency every time.

Buy Herb Grinders
Customizable and Stylish

Not only do our stash jars ensure freshness, but they also come in sleek designs that can be personalized to match your style. Elevate your storage game with a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Buy Herb Grinders
Odor-Controlled Storage

Tired of that lingering odor? Our stash jars feature a locking wire top and silicone seal, effectively containing any unwanted scents and keeping your environment odor-free.

Buy Herb Grinders
Sustainable Usage

By using our Extra-Large Herb Grinders, you'll find that you can achieve desired results using less material, ultimately saving you money and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Buy Herb Grinders
Complete Herb Experience

Whether it's grinding, storing, or preserving the freshness of your herbs, our products are designed to enhance every aspect of your herbal enjoyment. Elevate your ritual with the best tools in the industry.

Recent Customer Reviews

"It's a must have smoking accessory! It's absolutely perfect. It's a high quality grinder for a great price. I'll definitely be ordering this again." 


"Loved the product very good quality grinder and a great product for the price I will be back to buy more one day soon."


"MUCH larger than anticipated - even better! Beautiful design, overall wonderful product! The keef/pollen screen could be a bit wider for the size dimensions of the wiring squares but I love it and highly recommend this seller!"


"This grinder is perfect! I love the quality of the product, it's a bit heavy, which I prefer over flimsy ones, and I love the Buddha design. It was actually a bit bigger than I expected but that's all good, I'm really happy with the grinded result of my herbs that I get from this product ;)"


"I got this for a gift for my girlfriend and she loves it. I think one of here favorite parts is the diamond on it and the little scrape in it. I was very pleased with what I received. I would recommend to friends."


"My new baby! I love it! It's beautiful and sexy all at the same time! Shipping was really fast too!"

y Ashlee

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