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About Us

Buy Herb Grinders is dedicated to one simple mission: deliver the lowest price, highest quality herb grinders with premium features and great designs! We began selling these quality herb grinders through our sister company but felt a product as great as this needs a dedicated staff to ensure the fastest delivery and innovation with new designs and accessories.

Don't let the low price of our grinders fool you, they are packed with premium features, precision engineering, and great looks! Diamond-shaped precision CNC aluminum teeth shred your herbs with ease, even when they are fresh and moist. Powerful state-of-the-art neodymium magnets keep the heavy duty domed lid secure and on tight to keep your ground herbs fresh longer. Our 500-micron stainless steel screen filter effortlessly separate the pollen/keef, and it is removable, magically converting your grinder to a convenient travel size with huge storage. Every one of our grinders comes with a bonus mini-spatula for efficient collection, packed inside the grinder. And finally, the elegant gun-metal finish is scratch resistant, and sports precision engineered ridges along the edge to provide a no-slip grip. (Oh, and one more thing we should mention for the upcoming holiday season... each grinder comes boxed and ready for gift-giving!

 Offering one the best grinders available at an amazing price is not our only passion. We love to solve problems as well, and what to do with all your finely-ground herb is the first problem we've tackled! We also offer stash jars that share the best qualities of our grinders: high quality and low price. These are air-tight, smell-proof, crystal clear, food-grade plastic jars with durable silicone seals. We've sourced awesome jars that are made from high-density plastic that is lightweight and virtually indestructible and measure 3 inches wide, so you'll be able to get a bowl or your fingers in there easily. And like with our Herb Grinders, you can choose from our many incredible designs.