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Grinder Stash Box Set - Includes XL Spice Grinder, UV Protective Smellproof Glass Jar, Bamboo Storage Box w/ Lock, Rolling Tray, Poker

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$35.00 - $39.00
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🎁 Vintage Bamboo Box Bundle 🧰

EYE OF PROVIDENCE Matching design on all pieces

We are SUPER excited to be offering you an all-in-one stash box, complete with every kind of smoking accessory you can think of!

⭐️ Custom engraved, lockable bamboo box with 2 keys
⭐️ One of our Deluxe 5-piece XL 2.5 inch wide (63 mm) Grinders
⭐️ One glass jar with twist-on locking top
⭐️ Metal rolling tray
⭐️ Poker Tool

⭐️ Let's start with the Ancient Symbol Design 🔣 The Eye of Providence, the sun and moon energies as well as the stars and much more. Aspects of this design have been used in everything from astrology to secret societies, and even your money! It is meant to represent divine providence, whereby the eye of God watches over humanity.

⭐️ Our classic 5-piece spice grinder that you already know and love - a solid X-Large spice mill, offering a smooth grind for all your tobacco, herbs and spices, magnetic lid that stays on tight, 4 chambers... this is the grinder that has satisfied over 25,000 customers on Etsy!

⭐️ UV Protecting Jar 🌞 When it comes to protecting your spices from harmful UV rays, this isn't like all the other jars out there!  This glass jar is opaque, so you can set it in the light and not have to worry!

⭐️ Metal Rolling Tray 📤 Instead of ugly stickers, this was designed with quality in mind. Our artwork is embedded into the paint, and the design really POPS

⭐️ Bamboo poker tool - 🔱 Perfect for mixing, poking your pipe, or even cleaning out the grinder

⭐️ Bamboo storage box - This bad boy is perfect for locking up your stuff once you're complete! Engraved top matches the rest of the set. 2 Keys, so you can share your secret stash with a friend (or for when you lose your first key!)

⭐️ CUSTOMIZATION OPTION - If you choose to customize, please note, this ONLY includes the image on the grinder. All the other pieces will remain with the Eye of Providence design