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Sip N' Sesh Ceramic Mug and Pipe | Pipe Mug For Coffee, Tea and Dry Herb

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Color: Pink

CHECK OUT THE ALL NEW SIP N' SESH, exclusively from Expression Tees!

Sip n' Sesh is a simple yet elegantly designed pipe mug, that combines 2 of your favorite morning pastimes.

Wake up with your morning coffee cup and have a great smoking session at the same time

Dishwasher and Microwave safe ceramic mug have 2 separate chambers - One for your water, coffee or tea, and another for smoking

We've designed the ceramic bowl so you do not need any screens

Coffee will give you that boost you need so you can be a power hitter on the all new Sip n' Sesh

Since these are two separate chambers, this is not a bubbler.

The dual purpose mug holds approximately 15 oz of your favorite roast of choice.

Hollow handle allows you sit back and relax, wake and bake, brew and burn, puff and pour.. all with this Smokers Companion Mug