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How to Clean Your Metal Herb Grinder

How to Clean Your Metal Herb Grinder

There are many ways you can go about keeping your metal grinder clean. These are our favorites!

Metal herb grinders are practical and effective under many circumstances, but they might require a little bit of maintenance every once in a while. You do not really need to do this quite often, but If you take some time to do a deep-cleanse of your grinder every once in a while, you might certainly prolong its lifespan and enjoy a better experience with your prized herbs! Read on to find out more about how to clean your metal her grinder and make the most out of it!

When to clean your metal herb grinder.

There are no set rules as to when or how often you should actually clean your grinder. The best thing you could do is certainly to use your judgment. If the grinder looks a bit grimy and there are much debris stuck in it, you might consider a clean-up! Dirty grinders might also prevent you from enjoying the purity of your particular herb since residues from past contents might get mixed in with your new batch and somehow undermine its pure flavor or feel. in other words, a cleaner grinder will also help you enjoy a more pleasant herbal experience!

What tools you can use

You can easily clean up your metal herb grinder by using items that are commonly found in any household, or that are readily available. It is quite common to use a toothbrush in order to brush off any leftover that might be stuck in the grooves or on the screen of your grinder. Using a toothbrush to clean up your grinder is safe and easy, and it works better if you actually disassemble the grinder before proceeding to the cleanup.

You can also use regular household cleaners (the same you’d use to clean up your kitchen counter will do just fine!). The process, in this case, is particularly easy. You are going to need to disassemble the grinder and lay the parts in a container, such as a pot or a bowl large enough so it all fits comfortably. Later, all you need to do is to fill up the container with water and cleaning solution in equal doses, and let it all soak overnight!

Boil it!

Boil water in a pot, and let the components of your grinder soak in until the water becomes lukewarm. The heat will make it a lot easier to clean up residues, which might slide off naturally or with a little extra brushing.

The freezing trick

When herbal residues seem to be stuck into your grinder and you find it difficult to remove them, simply put your grinder in the freezer for an hour or so. It is much easier to remove leafy items that are frozen since they get crumbly and very frail. In most cases, you should be able to simply tap the contents off of your grinder, but some gentle scraping (perhaps, with a toothbrush as mentioned earlier) could also help out!

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