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Spearmint Essential Oil - 10ml - Tripura Essential Oils

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Spearmint essential oil has a sweet, refreshing, minty and very herbaceous aroma. It blends well with basil, grapefruit, lemon and rosemary.

Botanical Name: Mentha spicata
Plant Part: Leaves
Country Of Origin: USA
Method Of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Flash point: 142 deg. F.

  • Spearmint Leaves - Tripura Essential Oil

    John Gerard's famous Herbal (1597) says this of spearmint: "the smell rejoice the heart of man." Presumably of women as well! Our favorite ingredient in toothpaste and breath mints, it has become a favorite in our diffusers as well. And just a whiff straight from the bottle is irresistible. We urge you to try this in your diffuser either alone or dabble in the art of alchemical aromatics by combining with basil, grapefruit, lemon and/or rosemary.

    Tripura's Spearmint Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of spearmint grown in the USA.

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