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Fir Needle Essential Oil - 10ml - Tripura Essential Oils

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The aroma of Bergamot is uplifting, spicy, and sweet; similar to orange and lemons with pleasing floral overtones. Think citrus spice, with a high floral note. It is Bergamot that gives Earl Gray tea its distinctive flavor.

Bergamot blends well with chamomile, lavender, neroli and rosemary.

Botanical Name: Bergamot Citrus bergamia
Plant Part: Peel
Country Of Origin: Italy
Method Of Extraction: Cold pressed
  • Bergamot Fruit (Citrus bergamia)
    The word bergamot is derived from the Italian word bergamotto which has its orgin in the Turkish word bey armudu meaning "prince's pear" or "prince of pears." The Bergamot fruit is in the citrus family and is about the size of a pear-shaped orange but green in color, similar to a lime.
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